Fertilization Program



Fertilization, Weed & Insect Control

Our individualized programs are available early spring (recovery from winter dormancy) through late fall (winter preparation).
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Turf Fertilization / Weed Control

•    Timely applications of balanced fertilizer products
•    Timely use of "PRE" and "POST" weed control products


Tree & Shrub Care

•    Protects from damaging insects and disease
•    Promotes good health and growth


Weed Control - Landscaped Beds

•    Weed-free guarantee with our 4-step program


Core Aeration

•    Stimulates root growth
•    Enhances water, oxygen and nutrient uptake
•    Reduces compaction / controls thatch

Turf Insecticide

•    Specialized applications to control damaging pests such as grubs, sod webworms and chinch bugs

Perimeter Pest Control

•    Provides "barrier" treatments along the building foundation
•    Controls crawling pests such as ants, spiders and earwigs

Mosquito Abatement

•    Helps control the mosquito population in your yard

Residential / Commercial
Fully Licensed and Insured
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Proudly serving Mt. Pleasant, Midland, Sanford, Shepherd, Lake Isabella and Weidman areas!


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